Monday, July 21, 2008

ChickLitGurrl Interviews Urban Christian Author Sharon Oliver

Today, over at ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING, I'm interviewing Sharon Oliver, author of KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER.

Check out an excerpt of the interview!


CLG: What have you done or what do you plan to do - as author - to promote KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER?

SO: I’ve scheduled book signings, advertised in magazines, mailed and passed out brochures, sent email blasts and participated in online interviews.

CLG: Why do you feel compelled to write fiction that integrates Christian values?

SO: A fellow Urban Christian author summed up Christian fiction and there is one key point I’d like to borrow from her to answer that question. That is, it is a ministry I feel God has given me a heart for. I don’t have a desire to write erotica, horror, etc. So far, I’ve not been given any ideas for writing romance either and romance novels are the norm these days. I’ve always enjoyed mystery/suspense books as well as humorous novels. With that said, I’d like to reach that like-minded audience and add Jesus to the mix. Nothing too heavy, but enlightening, creating and/or keeping a thirst for God.

CLG: Sharon Oliver: THE SOUNDTRACK! What three tracks would make it onto a soundtrack of your life, and why?

SO: FENCEWALK, by a 70’s group named Mandrill just for the old school jam; Richard Smallwood’s, ANTHEM OF PRAISE for the uplifting and setting the tone and Marvin Sapp’s, NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT because…I mean, come on.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Then head over to ChickLitGurrl NOW (LINK)!

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