Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ChickLitGurrl Interviews SOMETHING HE CAN FEEL Author, Marissa Monteilh

Come on over to ChickLitGurrl: High on LATTES & WRITING where my latest interview is with author Marissa Monteilh. Marissa comes with a spicy, adventurous tale with Something He Can Feel...a novel about the past, relationships, love, abuse, and so much more.

Here's an Interview Excerpt:

CLG: What was the initial spark that brought SOMETHING HE CAN FEEL into being?

MM: A couple of years ago I heard that Jason Kidd accused his wife of physical abuse, and within days, there was a news story here in Atlanta about another woman who was accused of the same thing. A friend of mine referred to that woman as a husband beater and that’s when the light bulb went off. From that moment on, I had to write about it. Actually, the original title was Husband Beater, but my agent talked me out of it – I’m so glad she did.

CLG: What three tracks would make it onto a soundtrack of your life, and why?

MM: I like it slow – let’s see:
1) Hey Mama by Kanye West (my son dedicated Hey Mama to me for my birthday – the lyrics do sound like the type of mother I was when raising my kids)
2) Home by Stephanie Mills (this song makes me cry every time – life is so short)
3) Greatest Love of All and One Moment in Time, both by Whitney (these represent my journey in life as far as being a strong, determined woman, and as far as my deep level of love of self)

CLG: What is one big thing you've learned about the industry since you became published?

MM: I’ve learned that as a writer, you have to love what you do to stay in the business, even if you don’t have a book deal. If you love it enough, you’ll self-publish and keep writing because it’s your passion. This is a business of numbers - units sold. Period. Talented or not, if your book is not selling, those offers could go away. You have to be creative, positive, resilient, and bitten!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's Shaking @ SisterDivas Magazine?

SisterDivas Magazine has a lot of great features for you in its WINTER 2008 issue!

Here are some of the highlights:

If you love movies, you'll definitely want to check out our interview with MissMovieFan - she spills the beans on the movies of 2008 that she's anxiously awaiting to see...and more!

If you don't know Abiola Abrams, you should - this indie filmmaker, actress, author, everywoman comes to SD to talk about her debut novel, DARE and to share with us an excerpt!

Self-described as "chaotic, messy, and late", the wonderful novelist Kelly Braffet stops by SD to talk about her latest novel, LAST SEEN LEAVING, writing, and other cool things!

Do you blog? If so, why? This issue, LIFE columnist Melodye Shore talks with Sister Divas Susan and Tori Winning about The Beauty of Blogging!

At The Sipping Sommelier this issue, L. Denise Jackson gets wintry, cozy, and romantic with us as she discusses wine fit for the winter season...and the season of love!

As good as it is for you to become physically fit, it is equally important for you to know who your trainer is and see if he/she is qualified to help you be the best you can be; how can you check up on your trainer? First, check out Madison Chase's latest article, "Who Trains Your Personal Trainer?"

What does eating an elephant and starting a difficult task have to do with one another? Find out in Dr. Cherry's latest piece, "How to Eat an Elephant"!

Take time to check out SisterDivas (link) - and if you're interesting in submitting, check out the CONTACT US page on the magazine!