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Keepin' It Real with Screenwriter Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

For the month of March, All the Blog's a Page (AtBaP) has gone to the big screen as we talk to screenwriters!

This week, we wrap up our March series with a woman who offers GREAT advice to any writer: screenwriter Cynthia Dagnal-Myron!

For the month of March, I asked SEVERAL questions regarding fave sites for writers, advice, differences and similarities between the different media platforms in regards to writing, etc. When I asked, For those of you who write for different arenas - big screen, boob tube, stage, page, web - what are elements that differ for you as the writer in regards to how you SEE the story unfolding in each arena, Dagnal-Myron replied, "I only write for the big screen and the "page," so I can only speak for those two. But the difference is that when writing a novel or an article, I can offer both action and the "motivation" for what the character is doing in words on that page. A script is all "action." You're showing, not telling. What a character does has to carry that story, and the power is in what the character does even more than what he says. In fact, if you write about what a character is thinking in a script it will receive a quick "pass." When writing a "story," you can have the character ruminate, think aloud, discuss.

"You can also spend a whole page on description, to set a mood or make a point, when writing fiction. You create a whole world with words. Script writing has to be very economical, and exposition is to be avoided like the plague. In other fiction I can tell you what music is playing, what the character looks like, what perfume she wears. In a script, they frown upon this, because in the end, none of that will be decided by the screenwriter. So there are remarkable differences--glad you asked! I hadn't really thought about it this seriously before, though it's something I work with everyday."

To read the rest of Cynthia Dagnal-Myron's comments on screenwriting, head to All the Blog's a Page!

And while there, check out the screenwriting features from Stephen Kogon, Brian Spaeth, Kristin Johnson, and John W. Bosley!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Support Women, Support Fem 2.0!

Women and Work: Why Employers’ Work/Life Policies Can—and Should—Survive the Recession

Over at Fem 2.0, Joan Williams, Distinguished Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of the Law and Director of the Center for WorkLife Law and the Co-Director of the Project for Attorney Retention, discusses the importance of maintaining work policies that benefit and support women in the workplace. Definitely take the time to check it out and leave YOUR thoughts!

Here's the [LINK]!

And if you're a part of the Twitter Nation, check out Sunday night's Fem2.0 twittercast at 10 p.m. EST, hashtag #fem2. The conversations are always lively and full of people who are dedicated toward the empowerment of women.

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 29 - Screenwriters Go Wild on Tale It Like It Is




Time: 4:30pm EST

Call-in # (347) 215-9311

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Unlocking the Diary of Author Nikki Urban: The Interview

Unlocking the Diary of Author Nikki Urban

About Jade's Diary:

Jade's Diary is a tale of a dead woman's diary that is left to her daughter Mikleah. As Mikleah reads her mother's diary, she turns the pages of her mother's secret life that includes sex, lust, lies, betrayal, and vengeance.

Mikleah learns from her mother's diary of the father she never knew and of a long lost sibling. Jade's daughter also learns she has been having an incestuous relationship with the sister that she never knew and learns to what extent her mother would go through to get what she wanted-her lover's wife.

The diary exposes the many secrets of Jade's lovers, which leads to death and imprisonment.


CLG: You walk into a movie theater and there's a movie poster for JADE'S DIARY: SEX, LIES, LUST, BETRAYAL, VENGEANCE. What's the logline?
NU: Unlock the Diary! What are your secrets? Remember, all secrets have consequences…

CLG: NIKKI URBAN: THE SOUNDTRACK. What are three tracks that would HAVE to make it onto the soundtrack of your life?
NU: There are so many songs that I could name to describe my life and who I am. But, if I had to have the ultimate soundtrack of my life the three tracks that I would choose would be: 1) I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan because I am that every woman. I can do all things. 2) Tender Roni by Bobby Brown because once you meet me, you will never forget me, and I always make my father feel proud. 3) Hustlin' by Rick Ross because I’m always hustling until I make it to where I want to be.

CLG: You are publishing JADE'S DIARY through Diamond Stone Productions. Talk to us about your role as a publisher; what have been some major things you've learned?
NU: My husband and I started DiamondStone Productions because I was not getting picked up by any traditional black publishers. In the process of starting Diamondstone Productions, I have learned that as publisher you must be a good negotiator and you must be involved in every aspect of the book process(writing, editing, book design, etc.). In addition, you should always have an abundance of books on hand and various outlets where your book can be sold at. Lastly, have a good accounting program on your computer and have a good marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is key to the success of your book and publishing company. Once your publishing company is out there, vendors, readers, and other wholesalers will be more willing to take a chance with you. Reputation is key!

Check out the rest of Nikki Urban's interview @ ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's the Haps @ SisterDivas Magazine?

SisterDivas Magazine - Where REAL Women Congregate

Because our MEDIA column is jammed full of great features with individuals whose talents move through words, through song, through acting, and through faith: authors Laurie Viera Rigler, Marilynn Griffith, and Paulette Harper; musician Brent Ellis of The Brent Ellis Group; singer/actress Alexis Grenier; and R&B star Shanice.

Because in our TOTAL BODY column, Dr. Cherry talks about why being "high maintenance" may not be such a bad thing, and entrepreneur Beverly Davis talks to SD about her business SundayCosmetics.

Because in our feature, LOVE BYTES, we bring you episode seven, where Destiny must decide if she's going to move forward in her feelings for Devon or let her past dictate her life.

Because in our LIFE column -- no matter the celebration - new year, Inauguration, Valentine's Day, The Sipping Sommelier L. Denise Jackson has the perfect wine for you, and Lindsay Price - playwright for Theatrefolk - stops by to talk to us about her company.

Because in our RELATIONSHIPS column, authors Eternity Philops and Portia Rainey show you the importance of friendship and self-love and faith.

Because over @ BUZZWORTHY, we show you our top pics for hot TV shows, CDs, movies, and books for the first quarter of '09.

To contact SisterDivas regarding submissions or other inquiries, please e-mail us at .

We work hard to answer ANY and ALL e-mails as quickly as possible.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

What's happening at The Nubian Chronicles?

Why should you check out the Winter 2009 Issue of THE NUBIAN CHRONICLES?

With our reader-favorite column this issue, we interview authors Carleen Brice and Cassandra Washington!

@ DCC, we bring episode 16 of our online serial, EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT: The day after suffering public abuse at the hands of her father, an embarrassed Clemson must face not only the man she loves, but her arch nemesis Kat and her mother.

Want sex? Want the changing of sex? Want the change that came to America? Want the change you can make to get whatever you like? Then you need to head over to NUBIAN belles-lettres to read our stories and articles!

@ The Poetry Corner, we spotlight lyrical wordsmith, CHAMSIL!

@ IN DA CLUB, we talk public relations and marketing with Raven Literary PR!

In his latest Matthew's Musings, columnist Matthew Lynch defines and discusses the importance of the Black Public Intellectual.

@ ASK DEDAN, Dedan Tolbert offers advice to a reader who wants to know how soon is too soon to start dating after a break up...

Want to read a most unordinary love story? In this issue of THE LIVING ROOM, columnist Stacey Tolbert offers the first of six installments to her story IRON.

Thinking about writing a screenplay? Already wrote one? In her latest THE WRITE LIFE article, Shon Bacon offers tips to editing a screenplay.

To contact The Nubian Chronicles regarding submissions or other inquiries, please e-mail us at

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

CLG Talks with Freelance Writer/Blogger Mary Davis

ChickLitGurrl Talks with Freelance Writer & Blogger Mary Davis


CLG: I am a fan of your blog, Adventures in Freelancing [link]. On your blog, you state, "Join me in my journey to a freelance career. Let's learn something together!" What sparked you to start your journey into freelancing?
MD: Thank you so much! I worked as an academic adviser at the local community college, and I really loved my job, but I was living a crazy-paced life and felt that I wasn’t giving my family sufficient time and attention. So when I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, I made the decision to leave my job and try to earn an income from writing. I’d done lots of reading on the subject and knew that it was possible.

CLG: Are there particular fields/subjects you're developing your freelance career around? If so, what are they, and why do they interest you?
MD: Yes, I made the decision to write about topics with which I’m familiar. As a mom of three young children, my quality writing time is limited, so I’ve found it more convenient to begin my career focusing on areas I know. I write primarily about issues affecting college students, health, beauty, and personal development. As my children become more independent, I hope to become more of a generalist because I love learning about new things and enjoy the researching and interviewing involved in freelance writing.

CLG: What opportunities have you taken part in since starting your career?
MD: I jumped right into the blogging world because it was a way to practice my writing and to force myself to write on a regular basis. Putting your writing out there can be very intimidating to someone just starting out, and blogging is a great outlet to get your feet wet. I began practicing my interviewing skills by talking to people I met through social media, and through those contacts, I’ve obtained some paid blogging positions. I’ve also begun querying online and print publications for college students. These are writing avenues that fit well into my lifestyle.

Check out the rest of Mary Davis' interview @ ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

ChickLitGurrl Shon Bacon Is Interviewed

Jessica Ferguson, author and president of the Bayou Writers' Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana, interviews Shon Bacon on her blog Praise, Prayers and Observations as part of her "Louisiana Saturday Night" series!

In the interview, Shon talks about editing, writing, coaching, critique groups, branding, and MORE.

Check it out - [link] - LEAVE COMMENTS!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ultimate Yes Yes with Author Tamika Newhouse

The Ultimate Yes Yes with Author Tamika Newhouse

About The Ultimate No No:

Are you a woman who has been hurt by a man and wonder what it would be like if you could give him a dose of his own medicine?

Well, the characters in The Ultimate No, No give you the opportunity to live vicariously through their lives and the events that transpired during The Scam Nitrah a teacher is drawn between her friends and a man named Troyon, when her friends ask her to do the unthinkable. That's get revenge on a man through his heart. Things go as planned until Troyon and Nitrah find themselves infatuated with each other. What happens to this relationship that was doomed from the beginning when the lies, sex, and deceit come to the surface?

On the other hand there's Dahlia, Nitrah’s best friends and the master mind behind the plan to break Troyon's heart. Her secrets will come back to haunt her as her world comes crashing down. She thinks this is the perfect plan to hurt the man who broke her heart, but then again she could be right. Find out what happens when the person Dahlia keeps close eyes on turns out to be her worst enemy and it want be who you think it is.

In this romantic tale you will witness a sisterly bond, a passion to be loved, and the yearn to be with the one you love. Learn what The Ultimate No No is when it comes to love.


CLG: What are three adjectives that best describe THE ULTIMATE NO NO?
TN: Love, revenge, deceit

CLG: What are three adjectives that best describe YOU?
TN: Day Dreamer, enthusiastic, determined

CLG: Do you have a standard process to your writing? Are you a plotter or a pantser?
TN: I first have to know the concept and storyline that I want, and I usually have the timeline of the story the same day. I usual plot but abandon most of that when I start writing because I usual go another way with the stories.

Check out the rest of Tamika Newhouse's interview @ ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING!

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Monday, March 09, 2009's Kristin Johnson on Writing across Media

For the month of March, All the Blog's a Page (AtBaP) is going to the big screen...and center stage as we talk to screenwriters and playwrights!

I'm excited to have writer of all trades Kristin Johnson @ AtBaP! This week, she writes about writing across the media and her project, Dotcomers! If you are a writer interested in screenwriting...or in any creative writing, you owe it to yourself to read the entire feature @ AtBaP

About Dotcomers

Teenage waitress Honey Dee battles the greedy, slick, corrupt businessman Dubious Diction, who owns her hometown of Greedville. She creates Dotcomers Café, the main setting for the series, and inspires the cast of quirky eccentric characters to resist Dubious.

"Dotcomers" is a creative blend of today's edgy, satirical cartoons and yesterday's zany, classic toons; that means its appeal is...we can almost hear Yogi Bear saying this...broader than the average cartoon!

Dotcomers explores the culture of social-networking entrepreneurs who don't wait around for a bailout to solve their problems. They fight the old corrupt system, represented by greedy Dubious Diction, which is open to excess. Although they are quirky and they clash on more than one occasion, Dotcomers represent the best of the Internet culture, and Honey Dee, founder of the Dotcomers Cafe, is a female role model who uses her mind and common sense to make a difference in the world.

For the month of March, I asked my featured panelists SEVERAL QUESTIONS. When answering the question, What similarities, things no matter the medium, are important for a good story to be told, Johnson stated, "The commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Bore Thy Audience" is still valid no matter what the medium. I don't mean that you have to have nonstop violence or sex, since many people, myself included, find *those* boring.

You have to care about the characters. "WALL-E" connected with audiences because, even though many people (including my movie buff friends) found the notion of a fat, childlike future population and a destroyed Earth depressing, you still cared about that cute robot. "Slumdog Millionaire" had depressing elements such as cutting out street kids' eyes to make them more sympathetic and earn more begging money for the gang lords, but in an economy that gives us nothing but bad news, we love the idea that people can improve their circumstances. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" suspends disbelief and gives us a great love story.

Similarly, Richard LaGravenese made people care as much about the romance in the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" as people did in the book. The images were visual poetry."Gone With The Wind" was so powerful as a book that people forgot the changes of their world and experienced the changes of the Old South, and they immediately cast Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. The movie did justice to the book because it captured the essence of Scarlett and Rhett and Tara without getting bogged down in details. How many people find it impossible to forget the image of Scarlett in shadow?

And two words: Harry Potter. Take an orphaned kid who turns out to be a wizard, and finds just as much trouble in his new life as in the old, but with more joy and a sense of purpose, give him a monumental challenge and a fascinating world to play in, and the result is gold.

You have to touch your audience. Make them laugh, make them think, shift them from their reality."

To read the rest of Kristin Johnson's wonderful comments about writing across the media, head to All the Blog's a Page!

And while there, check out John W. Bosley, writer/producer/director of AMNESIA, as he talks about screenwriting!

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Want to Talk about & Write Screenplays?

Ever thought about turning your novel into a screenplay? Have a great idea for an original screenplay?

Then come hang out @ Book to Screenplay @ Yahoogroups.

For authors who are interested in creating and marketing screenplays of their books. All scriptwriters at all levels are welcome to join our discussions.

It is our goal to explore all aspects of screenwriting, from the first glimmer of an idea to your march across the stage accepting that Academy Award!

With Script Frenzy starting April 1st, this is a GREAT time to get an idea developed for the month of writing!