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Spring-Summer 2009 Issue of TNC Magazine is LIVE

Why should you check out the Spring-Summer 2009 Issue of THE NUBIAN CHRONICLES?

With our reader-favorite column this issue, we interview authors King Dhakir (I Hate My Job) and Miki Starr Martin (Zella Dora)!

@ DCC, we bring episode 17 of our online serial, EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT: Randi has to deal with Dru as a fellow employee, and Cassie goes to another man to receive advice on her life.


“Deep in thought?” Randi knew it was Dru and didn’t turn around.

“Just thinking about Clem.”

“You hear anything more since this morning?”

“No,” Randi said, leaning her forehead against the desk. “Cadu mentioned that Clem may stop by to see me, but so far, no Clem.”

Randi heard Dru walk up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Her first instinct was to flinch and tell Dru to back off; she couldn’t think straight with him touching her. But she didn’t. She felt every cell inside of her breathe deeply as she relaxed.

“She’s going to be okay you know,” Dru said, massaging Randi’s shoulders.

“I can’t be sure this time,” Randi said. “This is major. I just wish she would come here. I can’t concentrate on work. I can’t concentrate on anything. I need to see her and see for myself that she’s okay.”

“I understand that, Ran. She’s your best friend.” Randi nodded, feeling a knot in her throat, the pain of her best friend seeping into herself.

“Yeah,” Randi whispered, as emotions began to take her voice. “My best friend.” Randi closed her eyes, feeling Dru’s fingers knead her shoulders, her neck.

Dru’s warm breath made the hairs on the back of Randi’s neck stand. “Feel good?” he whispered.

Randi shivered, moaning softly. She should be fighting this. Fighting the feelings she was feeling. Fighting the tingling sensation that was moving up and down her spine.

Dru pressed his lips against the back of Randi’s neck, kissing her, as she moaned.

“Dru,” she said. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” Randi’s eyes fluttered opened, snapping her back into reality. She saw Clemson down on the floor and jolted.

NUBIAN belles-lettres has four eclectic reads this issue, bring your short stories, novel excerpts, and commentaries on love, relationships, and black literature!

Shadow - Rendezvous at the Lake - (short story) - lovely, head-strong Alison Jamison has vowed to leave the dating scene alone, but when she meets Giovanni Quincy, a handsome, articulate man from New Orleans, she might learn it's better to take a chance in love and life than not to take a chance at all.

Sharon Griffith - The Black Voices - (commentary) - Griffith talks about the journey and the promise for the future of black literature.

Jennifer Coissiere - Pink Ribbon - (excerpt from short story collection) - Coissiere shares with us "Pink Ribbon," part of her Ribbons Pinned series in which varied characters come forward at an annual motivational connection weekend and share a different life altering times represented by causes that different colored ribbon represents.

Erica-Faye Nicole Williams - Divas of Dutchess - (novel excerpt) - true to life story of a family-oriented, African-American young woman coming to terms with life and love and realizing that things and people aren't always what they seem to be.

@ The Poetry Corner, we spotlight the hot poetical prowess of DAMNYO, who when asked what inspires you to write, replied, "What inspires me to write is pain, in my life and in other's lives. My little brother's smile. Indignation in the world, so many things move me. It's hard to capture every single inspiration. I love moving the world with my words. I live poetry. It's my life."

@ IN DA CLUB, mega-reader and book reviewer Sharon Lewis talks about her reading habits, what makes a good book, and more!

@ ASK DEDAN, Dedan Tolbert offers men advice on how to keep their women happy.

In this issue of The Living Room, Anastacia Tolbert gives us the short drama, Let Go and Let Them, about a daughter stuck between a mother and grandmother who can't communicate and the disease that connects them painfully together.

Can't have a story without a plot, and in her latest THE WRITE LIFE article, Shon Bacon discusses how important plot really is to all stories.

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