Monday, August 25, 2008

ChickLitGurrl Interviews Author/Scriptorium Founder Sherry D. Ramsey

Today @ ChickLitGurrl, I talk with SHERRY D. RAMSEY, the founder of the awesome site THE SCRIPTORIUM and contributor to the anthology Speculative Realms.

Check out an excerpt of our interview:

CLG: What are some of the more popular sections of The Scriptorium?
SR: The “toolbox” section is a very popular one, where we feature a glossary of writing terms, a quick writing Q&A, and printable forms and worksheets for character building, scene and plot development, world-building, critiquing, and submission tracking. Sue Lick’s monthly Everything But Writing column is a favorite as well; as the title suggests, Sue deals with all the "non-writing" bits of the writing life. Our "on writing" section is also popular, where we strive to include articles every month that cover a wide range of writing interests. Beyond that, I think readers tend to surf around the site, check out the latest book reviews and features, downloads, try the freewriting exercises, delve into the archives...a little bit of everything. There really isn't an area of the site that doesn't get hit!

CLG: What genres are you interested in writing in? Why?
SR: I write mainly speculative fiction--science fiction and fantasy. Maybe I’m drawn to write in those genres because I grew up reading and enjoying them, but I don’t really think that’s it as I’ve always read in a wide variety of genres. I think perhaps it’s because I’m energized by the idea that speculative fiction allows us to push the boundaries of imagination, to ask the vital “what if” of fiction writing in so many ways. Speculative writing allows us to view ourselves, our cultures, our relationships, through a different lens, and to uncover truths about ourselves in a different way. It also allows us to start with an idea and take it beyond the limits of what’s currently possible, to stretch it, twist it, turn it inside out and see where it might lead. That’s always exciting.

To learn more about Sherry, The Scriptorium, and Sherry's writing, head over to CHICKLITGURRL: high on LATTES & WRITING --!

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