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Amani Publishing Announces Winners for Sweetheart Writing Contest


August 19, 2006

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Amani Publishing Announces Winners for Sweetheart Writing Contest

Barbara Joe-Williams, owner of Amani Publishing is proud to announce that the "How I Met My Sweetheart" writing contest is officially over and there are sixteen (16) winners from six (6) states. I appreciate all of the entries that were submitted on behalf of your sweethearts. However, here is the list of finals:

1-H. Renay Anderson, TX
2-Shauna Stephens-Batts, FL
3-Aleigha Butler, GA
4-Francine Roberts Cargile, FL
5-Sherille Fisher, TX
6-LaShaunda Hoffman, MO
7-Vien Jernigan, FL
8-April McDermid, FL
9-Deborha Parham, GA
10-Kim Robinson, TX
11-Alesica Smith, OH
12-Juanita Thomas, FL
13-Sylvia Thomas, FL
14-Lance Washington, LA
15-Anne Holt-Webb, FL
16-Patricia Woodside, FL

Of course, my story will also be included in the book to be released on February 1, 2007. The book will be approximately 112 pages and retail for $10.00

Stay tuned for more great books from Amani Publishing.

Please visit my blogspot and website for more details...

Barbara Joe Williams, Amani Publishing
How I Met My Sweetheart Anthology, coming February 2007
Falling for Lies, coming October 2006
Dancing with Temptation, November 2005
One Sister's Guide to Self-Publishing, July 2005
Forgive Us This Day, November 2004

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